Big Data Analytics

Science lies in Data & Big Data have all

Data is a vital ingredient that helps every brand to uncover insights that will take the business towards sustained growth and greater ROI. Advancements in technology, especially in mobile, the cloud and social have made the interpretation and analysis of data much more complex. Big Data Analytics is rapidly becoming a key enabler to help organizations in achieving this.

Intelligent business decisions drive better customer engagement

Business Intelligence (or BI) provides tools to translate data into actionable information and which is delivered to business leaders in a way that it helps in optimizing performance and creates a difference between steady growth and accelerated success. We have implemented business intelligence and reporting solutions in logical design, physical design, data modeling & data mining.

SDNA masters in:

  • Hadoop Consulting & Development Services
  • Standard RDBMS’ like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and Sybase services
  • Real – time analytics, Geo analytics, Predictive & Recommendations models
  • Logi Info and Pentaho integration for reporting workflow & for ETL capabilities
Big Data Analytics

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Get all the answers to the most pressing questions about your business growth. Our team of analysts make use of business intelligence solution to bridge the gap between required and existing BI implementation in an organization. Our custom applications for business intelligence enable higher profitability and efficiency and bring in a razor-sharp focus to all business operations. No matter what your needs are; we’ve got the right tools to address the crucial issues and drive growth.

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