Game Development

SDNA takes gaming very seriously, the design we make is visually stunning and addictive having potential to dazzle the eye and tickle the mind. The challenge we love, is to execute an idea having resemblance to the desired functionality and to provide our users with a complete gaming experience that would keep them hooked for hours. Game Development is different from conventional application development, it requires creativity, skill, imagination, technology to bring best gaming practices to user. Our team develop fun & interactive games across all platforms.

Game Development Services

3D/2D Game Development.

Game development needs extreme passion. Be it for a 2D or 3D setup, we take game development very seriously. We create an amazing game experience through remarkable techniques of visual storytelling, game modeling, lighting, animation, audio engineering, User interface designing. We display immense experience in 3D game development engines such as Unity3D and also in 2D game development kits like cocos2d and Corona SDK.

Unity 3D/2D Game Development

Landing games to mobile

Android & iOS game development brought a storm to gaming industry. We develop exciting games for Android, iPhone and Windows phone among others for a variety of target sectors like a requirement in XNA, Flash or HTML5. We also port games within the mobile platform itself like from Android to iOS and vice versa.

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Our game development process follows:

  • Discussing the game idea with you to evaluate the concept.
  • Convert the idea into design.
  • Creating all the game assets (game objects, background, animations).
  • Game mechanisms coding.
  • Game testing and QA.
  • Final build submission.
Landing games to mobile

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