Internet Of Things

With an ability to integrate technology solutions with business processes, we are an ideal partner for creating end to end IoT solutions

Our services can be tailored on demand to accelerate any business vertical.

SDNA has been helping the clients understand the opportunities and benefits that are possible by unleashing the power of connected enterprise products and solutions. We bring the ideal blend of Internet of Things applications, services and consulting expertise. With a comprehensive solution portfolio, and pragmatic approach, we have been able to reduce the complexity, lowering the risk and increasing the speed of deploying IoT initiatives.

We leverage our business consulting to create a strategic vision, roadmap, and proof-of-concept paving the way for successful IoT implementations. We are one stop solution offering services around the five integral steps of Internet of Things application development :

internet of things applications

1. Identify Business Case:

  • Create operation & Process optimization strategy
  • Define product & service strategy
  • Investigate & define broad business case

2. Create a Connected Object: Using Sensors information over network operators with REST & Real-time APIs or MQTT (Device and/or Edge Gateway).

3. Business System Integration:

  • CRM/ERP integration
  • Logistics Software
  • Home Automation
  • Support Systems

4. Create Applications: Developing end user applications like mobile app [consumer, vendor, partner]/ web app [internal/external]

5. Analytics & Automation: Process and present results from data Visualization/Predictive Analysis within existing or new applications for real-time visualization and analysis

Together with our services and experience with wireless, mobile, embedded system integrations and cloud technologies in various verticals, we are well positioned to be called as a successful service provider in the IoT space. Our solutions are being deployed in various market segments such as Connected Home, Connected Mailbox, Energy Monitoring and management, Healthcare, Logistics, and Industrial/Building Automation Applications.

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